Peach Kiwi Smoothie

It may be after Labor Day and all- which means the unofficial end of summer and the start of fall- but in NOLA we are likely to feel summer-like weather all the way into late fall.

And while smoothies are perfect for the summer; their cool, refreshing qualities helping to keep us hydrated and nourished in the hot summer days- they can be great any time of year!


I have my go-to smoothie that I use repeatedly; I most often pick a strawberry banana fruit base with plain Greek yogurt for the protein, probiotics, and calcium with a few flavor and nutrient enhancers like nut butter, flax seed, and spinach. This peach kiwi twist is a fun way to switch out colors and flavors to refresh your palate!


Peach Kiwi Smoothie

Serves: 1


1/2 peach, sliced

1/2 kiwi

1 cup plain Greek yogurt

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 tablespoon peanut or almond butter

1 cup spinach

3 ice cubes (can omit if using frozen fruit)

1/4 cup Fairlife skim milk

1/4 cup plain coconut water


In a blender, add all the ingredients and blend until well combined.




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