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Rebecca Miller


Hello! I am a registered dietitian nutritionist here to help you twist nutrition concepts you have learned about over the years into more feasible, approachable and fact-based strategies you can apply into your own life. 

My Cooking Story

I remember watching the Food Network, specifically 30 minute meals with Rachael Ray, while my mom was cooking dinner after school (and work, for her) each night. It’s a vivid part of my teenage years and is truly when and where I started to learn to cook.

In college, I started to have to test out my skills when I moved into my first apartment. Pancakes and popcorn made up much of my dinners those years, and still to this day, I love a good breakfast for dinner and snacks that are easier, quicker, lighter/cooler to prepare in the warm summer months, and overall just comforting for me, like popcorn and cereal.

My husband and I share cooking responsibilities and at various points in our lives we have had an ebb and flow as to who has the primary duties. Right now it’s him, he’s in charge of cooking, and cleaning up if I’m being honest, and I’m enjoying my time off. Don’t worry, I’m taking the bulk of the night-time routine with the kiddos!

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