Time with my family is my greatest joy & gift and I have learned just how valuable and little time we have with each other! Thank you for spending your precious time with me! I hope you find reassurance, realistic recommendations, tips, & tricks to help you on your path to thriving nutrition ~ Becca

about me

I’m a born & bred Midwesterner raised in a small town in Northern Illinois. I now consider myself an adapted Southerner when I moved to New Orleans for grad school at Tulane, then met & married my now-husband, and started raising our little family. We recently moved to St. Louis, both started new jobs, transitioned to a new daycare for our girls, and found & bought our first house. We now call St. Louis home, but New Orleans (& Illinois, for me) will always be home!

I started my career as a dietitian in 2011 and worked at what-couldn’t-be-better-first-time-jobs- with Ochsner’s cardiac rehab and Ochsner’s Fitness Center as well as LSU’s Health Science Center in New Orleans. My nutrition philosophy has been twisted and turned over the years as I’ve honed in my passion for intuitive eating and non-diet approaches. I believe you can & should eat foods that are nourishing but also foods you’ve always loved all while achieving overall health & wellness for your body.

my cooking story

I didn’t start out knowing how to or enjoying cooking. I would watch Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals with my mom- or while my mom was cooking dinner back in high school. I continued to watch other Food Network shows in college and throughout my 20s. Now a days, I don’t have time for much tv, but I think it’s funny I’ve learned to cook by watching chefs & tv personalities add lots of butter, sugar, and salt to their dishes- something that seems counter-intuitive to nutrition. I started my blog right before I started working full time almost 10 years ago! I’ve always worked full-time, so finding time for sharing recipes can be challenging so fair warning if I go a little MIA for a bit.

what I’m doing now

I am the university dietitian & assistant director for nutrition and dietary wellness at Washington University in St. Louis. I work with students with food allergies, intolerances & sensitivities to help them learn how to each for their needs while dining on campus. I also work with student athletes, students who are struggling with eating disorders and body image distress, as well as various health promotion and programming. While students are with us at WashU I want them to learn how to eat while in college, and beyond.