Ginger Limeade

The weather this year has been so mild  that we’ve had a few days that have felt like spring has come early!  To me that automatically kicks in a craving for refreshing, summery-like beverages!


Most lemonades -or the like- are just as high, if not higher, than sodas in their sugar content! People think that because it contains lemon juice or other fruit juice, that is “health approved.”  Sadly, this is false. Liquid sugar, really no matter what the source, is almost always on my “skip” list.

You can, however, make a homemade beverages that is healthy! You can control the sugar content by adding less, almost 3/4 less, or using a zero-cal sweetener instead!


This ginger limeade is made with 4 simple ingredients: water, fresh ginger, limes, and Truvia. It’s a perfect everyday drink or something you can bring to a special occasion like a shower, Easter brunch, or have it as a vacation-inspired mocktail! To me it’s pretty comparable to a booze-free, no sugar added, margarita!

So you’re welcome for this one guys! You can thank me later…


Ginger Limeade


6 cups water

1 ginger root, sliced

1/4 cup Truvia

4 limes, juiced


In a pot, combine the water, ginger, and Truvia. Bring to a light boil, cover and allow to simmer and steep for 30-60 minutes. Pour in the lime juice and chill until needed. Pour over ice and serve cold. Garnish with fresh mint leaves, fruit of choice, and a slice of lime.


It’s later, Burt {anyone, anyone}?





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