simple banana-split like snack

Sometimes you just need a simple recipe. Something that requires little thought. Little effort. and few ingredients. Something that is energizing. filling. and satisfying. Enter this random snack I made the other day for my two year old and I on Saturday! It’s different enough to make you feel like you’re eating something different comparedContinue reading “simple banana-split like snack”

basic roasted brussels sprouts

I honestly don’t know why I’ve never officially given these their own post! They completely deserve it because this is my consistently go-to veg because it’s delicious (that’s first priority) and it’s versatile enough to accompany almost ANY meal! I not only make these almost nightly with my family meals, but I often bring themContinue reading “basic roasted brussels sprouts”

set your nutrition free

As we finish this last week of January I wanted to send a friendly reminder that – it’s ok if you aren’t into setting New Year’s resolutions but you may still feel the pressure to make dramatic goals and drastic changes this year It’s ok, too, if these past few weeks of 2020 haven’t startedContinue reading “set your nutrition free”

roasted cauliflower composed grain salad

I’m so ready for Thanksgiving. Anyone else? On the one hand I’m excited to have some cherished and quality time with my family, but on the other, I’m saddened and always amazed at how quickly time flies each year. Thanksgiving is an opportunity, I feel, to blend the old with the new. I strongly believeContinue reading “roasted cauliflower composed grain salad”

Nutrition Prevention for Colds + Flu

Since I’ve gone back to work (just since late July), I have lost track of the number of times my family has gotten sick. My girls have both had fevers, ear infections, colds, more fevers with then vomiting and many trips to the doctor along the way. My husband got sick for a full weekContinue reading “Nutrition Prevention for Colds + Flu”

Pumpkin Spice Applesauce

I’m learning the truth behind the saying that – one of life’s biggest stresses is changing jobs. The adjustment to change, the newness, the constant mental workload-  I realized i needed to refill my cup – so to speak- and for me that meant I was in need of a family outing. So last weekend, weContinue reading “Pumpkin Spice Applesauce”

Greek Yogurt Citrus Bowl

The weekends always go by too fast. There’s too much on our plate- task wise- to get done in just two days #amIright?!? From meal planning & grocery shopping, any household tasks, spending quality time with loved ones, there may be little time left to enjoy the simple things.  One little thing that got meContinue reading “Greek Yogurt Citrus Bowl”

family dinner dynamics

We’ve had a recent change of routines with me returning to work. I had taken {a very blessed} 5 months off since we moved from NOLA to St. Louis. This happens a lot in life – things change – and we need to allow ourselves some time to adjust. But instead we are self-critical, impatient,Continue reading “family dinner dynamics”

Basic Whole Grain Waffles & Pancakes

Each weekend I typically want something a bit different from my go-to weekly breakfasts. Waffles + pancakes often pop into my head because they feel like a treat, like I’m back in college heading to brunch or it’s the early days in our relationship (mine and Andrew’s) and he’s courting me to brunch. That didn’tContinue reading “Basic Whole Grain Waffles & Pancakes”