about me

I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist living, working, and raising a family in The Big Easy.


I’m a born and bred Midwesterner – obviously not originally from The South- but I love good food just as much (if not more) than the next person. I will not drink sweet tea, so my southern gentleman husband says I’m not yet a Southerner. That’s ok by me.

I grew up not knowing how to cook; not enjoying to cook. In fact, making my younger brother make me a PB &J after school because “his tasted better.” I learned to cook from watching The Food Network through high school and college and then got into the kitchen when nutrition and healthy eating became a priority for me. I’m not the griller in the family, I prefer my husband to cook grilled meats, but it’s a goal of mine for him to teach me.

My goal here is to share family friendly recipes that everyone can enjoy, that are more nutritious, but just as delicious and bring as much comfort.

I hope you find my recipes and stories, helpful and informative! And fun, of course!