Preferred Pizzas

My favorite food is definitely pizza.

It’s on my family’s meal plan as least once per week.

These days we mostly order in, but we enjoy making it ourselves at home too. Here are few of my semi-homemade favorites!

Simple naan bread brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with leftover roasted brussels sprouts and fresh arugula, dolloped with brie or other soft cheese, fig spread, and prosciutto. Baked just until the cheese melted a bit and everything warmed through. 5-10 minutes at 350.
pesto, asparagus and shrimp flatbread-style pizza
an easy to assemble bbq chicken flat bread pizza with a whole grain tortilla, store bought bbq sauce, leftover chicken, mozzarella cheese, and arugula

Many mistakenly think that pizza can’t be good for you. And I’m here to tell you that all foods are good for you!

Sometimes we add a salad or a roasted veggie to our pizza nights. Other times, due to lack of perceived time, mental or physical energy, we skip it and just do with what feels best in the moment. That savings in time & energy may mean we don’t get in our needed veggies at that meal, and that’s alright, too!

our favorite go-to for frozen pizza. Everyone likes them – and it adds a bit of veggies for the little one’s that are learning to like other foods and flavors =)

Do you have a go-to pizza? Is your favorite food, too? I’d love to hear!



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