go-to Greek yogurt bowls

Kiwi, clementine sections, and blackberries with simple granola

With all the busy-ness in our lives, I can’t help but feel the need to focus & share some basic recipes that are truly simple & easy, while also being nutritious and also delicious!

Because the truth is, you can collect all the cookbooks in the world (guilty, here), pin all the beautifully photographed recipes on pinterest, create a collection of your faves on instagram, and spend time filtering through all the must-read blogs, but if the recipes aren’t truly simple & easy, are you really going to make them?

Frozen cherries thaw to create a natural and pretty liquid to enhance the flavor of the yogurt. Dried chopped mango, sliced almonds and a spoon of peanut butter balance out the toppings.

And if not, then what’s the point? Sure you may get in a good read, but half the battle of improving our nutrition is actually doing. We often have a lot of the knowledge, but finding ways to put it into practice in our daily lives is the real struggle.

And I don’t believe it needs to be that difficult, but we need to have some go-tos that are reliable, versatile and most importantly taste good!

And that’s what this recipe is! Over the years I’ve learned what works for me and what I enjoy. But now you need to do the same. It won’t likely happen over night, but you can get a good, solid nutritious foundation here and then twist it to make it your own so that it works for you too!

the classic: strawberries & blueberries with granola

go-to Greek yogurt bowl

splash of vanilla extract

plain, reduced fat Greek yogurt



To build the yogurt bowl start by splashing in approximately 1/4 teaspoon of good quality vanilla extract into the greek yogurt. Mix to combine and spoon into your bowl.

Wash your fruit of choice and place onto the yogurt. Sprinkle on your preferred granola and dig in!

If you haven’t tried adding oranges to your yogurt, you need to try it! It’s great in the winter when citrus are at their prime.

What’s good quality vanilla extract? Pure vanilla extract that has a rich, non-overly-alcohol perfume and taste. Remember you’re eating this “raw” rather than mixing it in with baked goods, so the flavor needs to be well rounded on it’s own.

Why plain, reduced fat greek yogurt? Greek style yogurt (or other strained yogurts) have more protein (about 3 x more) than traditional yogurt. Keeping some of the fat content is helpful to balance heart health (specifically of saturated animal-based fats) while still providing richness & flavor.

The salted pistachios balance the sweet oranges in a flavor combo you’ll be sure to put your rotation

Enjoy yogurt bowls as a breakfast, snack, or as I do, even an dinner some nights!



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