simple banana-split like snack

Sometimes you just need a simple recipe.

Something that requires little thought. Little effort. and few ingredients.

Something that is energizing. filling. and satisfying.

Enter this random snack I made the other day for my two year old and I on Saturday! It’s different enough to make you feel like you’re eating something different compared to your normal work-week snack options, but easy enough to not feel like a challenge to make something new!

simple banana-split like snack


peanut butter



Slice up the banana and lay pieces on a plate.

Drizzle with peanut butter. Sprinkle with granola.


Fruit- You can use almost any – and any combination of – fruit you want! You’d be surprised how good strawberries and nut butter taste!

Nut Butter- You can use any nut or seed butter- sunbutter, soybutter, almond butter! The fat + protein combo with give you the same energizing – physically and mentally, regardless of the specific type you use.

Toppings – You can use any flavor, brand, or homemade granola. You can even skip or add to the granola and use chopped nuts or seeds, even cereal!

Happy snacking!



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