Greek Yogurt Citrus Bowl

The weekends always go by too fast. There’s too much on our plate- task wise- to get done in just two days #amIright?!? From meal planning & grocery shopping, any household tasks, spending quality time with loved ones, there may be little time left to enjoy the simple things. 

One little thing that got me excited was being able to open the windows and let in some cooler air! It’s something in New Orleans we really aren’t able to do, and if we are and have any cooler mornings it isn’t until late September or October- if we’re lucky. It’s something I really missed and am looking forward to this year being in St. Louis.

This weekend let in a glimpse that fall is just around the corner, and I’m so excited to enjoy it sooner and longer this year! 

Food can really nourish the soul and mirror the season of life we’re in at the moment. This yogurt bowl is hydrating and refreshing- reminding me that there’s still a few more hot, humid days on the horizon.

The citrus adds a brightness and freshness that is refreshing during warm summer days. It also provides vitamin C, that as seasons shift and flu season approaches, can add valuable nutrients to aid in keeping our immunity healthy. The probiotics in the Greek yogurt, too, help to boost our gut healthy- aiding in supporting our immune system. 

This is a go-to snack of mine for the taste but also the nutrition. The benefits found in Greek yogurt are numerous and can benefit us incorporating it multiple times a day. So sneak it in as you can, with breakfast, snacks, dessert, even a light lunch if you’re like me. The fruit topping is a fun way to add more fruit to your plate while also providing nutrients like hydration, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. 

What’s your favorite way to incorporate food that fits into a particular season of the year or your life?


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