Thanksgiving Favorites

Thanksgiving is just a week away my friends! I know, it’s hard to believe how slowly the moments seem to pass sometimes, but when you look back, time has flown by so quickly!

I haven’t finalized my menu for this year just yet, but I wanted to share some Thanksgiving favorites and staples in our family!

Let’s first start with the days leading up to Thanksgiving with some comforting, but easy meals. These can be made earlier and frozen and then used this week so you can cook less! Or you can make these in a big batch and use throughout the week this week!




red beans


pasta-less veggie lasagna

Now let’s talk healthy Thanksgiving dishes!

I always recommend (and try to bring) a simpler vegetable of some sort, just to lighten up the offerings from all the casseroles that will be available. It is also a nice option for any family and friends that have food allergies or sensitivities or who have specific preferences to or against certain foods {thinking vegans, vegetarians, etc}. My two absolute favorites are:


Roasted Vegetables

Simple roasted veggies that have been drizzled with olive oil, a touch of kosher salt, and freshly ground black pepper is a festive and nutritious way to incorporate some veggies to the day! I roast mine at 425 for about 20-35 minutes, depeding on the size of the veggies. I check them often, toss frequently, and take them out only once they’ve gotten a nice char on them.


Another fall favorite is a pear + pecan salad. The blue cheese adds a nice touch of richness and creaminess, but you can omit for your friends that are sensitive to the flavor or do not eat dairy products.

pear pecan and blue cheese salad

For the starchier sides, I prefer fiber rich options that at least provide fall-flavors but are still nutritious, and of course, they have to be delicious. Pumpkin and sweet potato flavors top my list! What are your favorite sides; whether they are healthier or not? This is the time to pick what you love and have it without feeling bad – not that you should every feel bad about what you’re eating…


pumpkin cornbread dressing

Sweet Potato Casserole Makeover

And we can’t forget about beverages and cocktails! This mocktail would be a perfect addition to your table!


festive mocktail

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t forget about desserts, especially lightened up desserts like these pumpkin cheesecakes and mini pecan pies.

This year I’m honestly thinking of going to Whole Foods and buying slices or half-pies of pumpkin, apple, and pecan for all the different taste buds and preferences in our house. Did I mention it’ll just be the three of us this year? Well I guess you can count a 4th for baby M, but yea, what can I say, I want options and a little bit of each!


pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes

 mini mock pecan pies 


And for any of your favorites that you didn’t eat enough of or want to try in a different way, how about using up leftovers with something like cornbread sammy’s seen here with my pumpkin cornbread muffins with ham, cheese, and chutney!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I’m so thankful for you!





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