4 Summer Salads for the 4th of July Celebrations

If you’re health conscious, trying to make healthy decisions, and surround yourself with healthy foods, you need to have some delicious and nutritious go-to recipes that you can make and take to holiday gatherings. That way you can indulge in your favorite items that are only available certain times of the year, but still fill up on nutrient dense, more health conscious items at the same time.

I’ve put together four of my more recent and favorite salads that are perfect for the upcoming 4th of July festivities!


Spiralized Grilled Vegetable Salad: skip the pasta, but don’t skimp on flavor my take on a healthier summer pasta-less salad.


Broccoli Ranch Salad: Another pasta-less salad that’s like a classic Italian pasta salad, but with more veggies and no refined white carbohydrates. That’s not to say you can’t throw in a little whole wheat pasta, chickpea pasta, brown rice pasta, etc for whole grains and fiber!


Marinated Vegetable Medley Salad: It’s like a coleslaw without the mayo-based dressing. This mix of veggies {throw in whatever you have, seriously!} is marinated in a simple vinaigrette that will only taste better as it sits. Perfect for making ahead of time and not scrambling before everyone arrives!


Watermelon & Arugula Petite Salads: Mini salads where you don’t need to eat just one. Stack ’em, eat ’em with a fork, or getting a little messy with these hand-held babies. Drizzle or dip into the homemade honey dijon dressing for perfect little bites of summer.





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