Heart Health Priorities

The past few months I’ve had a shift in focus on my top nutrition recommendations and priorities.


It all stems from an early morning phone call I got from my husband while we each parted ways on our routes to work.

It was something I inevitably thought I’d hear one day, but I just never knew when.


My dad had a minor heart attack in December which was followed by open heart surgery with a quadruple bypass.

He didn’t have the best eating habits. I knew this. I’d fuss at him for it, but it just wasn’t his time to listen or take action.


The positive side to the story is that he’s recovering incredibly well.

And now he is willing to listen.

He’s listening closely. Although still rolling his eyes at me.

And he’s changing.

Changing his eating, his exercise, his beverage choices. His overall health. All for the better!

Fortunately, his minor heart attack with a serious subsequent surgery has gone profoundly well and I am super proud as his daughter and dietitian!

But this has all meant my focus has really shifted to him and his heart health.

So my February article in Health and Fitness magazine is highlighting the top priorities to get your heart in shape, perfect timing for National Heart Month. The list’s order will vary for anyone based on their current habits and subsequent needs. This list is prioritized for my dad, but you can see what would be best for your loved ones.

You can read the full article here.




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