Homemade and Health-Conscious Holiday Gifts

I think I’m one of those people that go over the top for Christmas.

Well, I know, I am.  The first step is admitting it, right?

Not only do I have my hubby and child to get for, but of course, our two pups, who also have birthdays in December. The hubby’s birthday is also in December, and the baby {or should I say, almost 2 year old} is just a couple weeks away in January. Goodness, I’m exhausted already just with these 4.

Then we have our parents, siblings, Christmas cards to send. Oh and friends, of course!

And, we’re not done! Co workers and, now we’ve even added teachers to the list!


I’m not kidding when I say I started thinking about all of this in October. No wonder I was in the mood for Christmas even before Thanksgiving, which as much as I love Christmas, that was unusual for me.

And when I tell you I started planning in October, it hasn’t helped reduce my stress and to-do list in these last few days!

I’m sure I’ll get better as the years go on. Maybe I need to plan in Sept, but actually start ordering and prepping in October… hmmm! Light bulb.

shoot, while I’m at it, I might as well start planning in January for next year! After the baby’s birthday, of course!


Maybe things wouldn’t feel so stressful if I didn’t want to make handmade gifts for so many.

It just seems so much more personal. More thoughtful. More meaningful.

Perhaps, more budget-friendly. But definitely not necessarily time-friendly.


I try to keep gifts health-conscious {with the occasional splurge on a Christmas cookie or two} – as I would hope those that I’m counseling and educating to do the same!

This year I am newly into Essential Oils by Young Living so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to spread the love and gratitude with some handmade gifts that incorporate my new appreciation of oils!

For teachers I made rollers for Immunity support. Thieves is great for helping you boost your immunity so I thought for teachers who have to deal with grabby, sticky, germy hands all day, this would be perfect!

I plan on pairing these rollers with some tea for the antioxidant benefits from green tea, some zero calorie hydration from La Croix, and a cutie or two for each teacher. Now when you count there are 2 teachers per room, LEM’s room is split so there are actually 4 teachers plus misc aides, the kitchen staff of two, the two administrators who’ve helped us throughout the year, our loving teachers from last year in the baby room, sheesh y’all that’s at least 12 people!

So I’m prioritizing. This bundle is for our everyday teachers this year and then we are giving a big bag of cuties and a big tin filled with packets of Emergen C, Green tea, and Crystal Light Pure to the admin office with a note to share with other staff and teachers. That way we feel we’ve covered everyone and no one feels left out. Plus if someone doesn’t like La Croix { I know, they are nuts], but they’ll have other beverage options to pick from. And the staff can pick and choose from this all year long!


I did also say I have coworkers planned for as well.

This year they are getting some much-needed stress relief with relaxing lavender bath salts.


These would be great for teachers too! Or if you’re like me, you can mix and match if you know that a coworker tends to get sick often or tends not to take baths, then give him/her the immunity roller and give a teacher the reminder to take time to relax and unwind.


Honestly, these can be given to friends, hostess gifts, neighbors who did something nice for you, even family members, because we know how hard it can be to get a nice gift for anyone!


Merry Christmas!


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