healthier travel food for the whole family

With the start of October that only means the holidays will be here before you know it! And with that often comes delicious food & traveling. So to balance things out I’m sharing some top picks for healthier-travel food.


Let’s start with the babies, tots, and kid-friendly options:

Pressed by KIND bar. They are made with only fruits and veggies. I also like Larabars that are just fruits and nuts. Some of them do contain added sugars though.

Happy Baby or other baby food pouches. Obviously these are better suited for the younger kids. I like to always get varieties that include not only fruits, but also vegetables, especially greens, if possible. This one has kale & spinach with apples, but we also get sweet potato, beet, or squash varieties as well.

Kashi Bars. These are whole grain granola bars with a relatively smaller amounts of added sugars. They are a healthier alternative to what Lillian is served at daycare, so we’ve incorporated it into travel options since we know she likes them. Their soft enough for tots and fairly nutritious.

Sunflower seeds. Lillian likes to snack on these, of course, being watched carefully for choking. These are great to mix in with a homemade trail mix with Cheerios and raisins.

Applesauce. We go back and forth between the unsweetened cups and the Go Go Squeeze pouches. Lillian will pick these out in the store herself, so we try to incorporate foods she likes when she wants them (as well as continue to offer new foods and ones she “doesn’t like anymore”). The key here is the unsweetened varieties!

Barbara’s Snackimals. My Eat Fit team found these at Whole Foods while surveying their shelves for Eat Fit-approved items. I’m so happy they pointed them out to me, because I never would have found them on the back of the bottom shelf if I wasn’t specifically looking for them. They are 100% whole grain graham-like crackers, and they are individually portioned! Great for that sense of control for little hands and portability!


For the adults we have a mix of protein bars, nuts, and jerky, keeping with a theme of protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

Jerky. Krave & Tom-Toms Turkey Snack sticks are both brands of no nitrate|nitrite added jerky that taste great! Great source of lean protein here, and perfect for the guys in the house!

Nuts. We pick out flavors that we like from pumpkin spice to cocoa dusted to smokehouse, etc. Some pre-portioned packs some larger containers the just need mindfulness if you’re watching calories.

Both the beef jerky & nuts pair well with any fresh fruit that we may bring with us or pick up along our travel routes. The fruit adds a touch of natural sweetness with nutrients and fiber to go along with the lean protein.

Kashi. Obviously a family favorite for whole grain | fiber sources with great flavors. We do a variety of their different types of bars, the granola graham bars just happen to be in the pantry now.

Nature Valley Protein bars. Our family’s go-to protein bar as we can find them anywhere and they have great flavor varieties we both like. I’m also a fan of the taste of Think Thin, Power Crunch, and lower sugar KIND bars, but I don’t always have these on hand.


So there you have it. A handful of healthy options for everyone in the family that’s tasty & easy to grab-n-go!

Have you tried any of these? What are your favorite travel-friendly snacks?




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