coffee talk

One of my favorite activities to catch up with my girlfriends is to go for a walk in the park and then sip on some coffee together {sometimes we throw in some beignets with the coffee}!  I find it promotes wellness for the mind, body, and soul! It’s much needed girl-time and stress relief.

Sometimes {alright, most times} it’s hard to coordinate schedules with local friends let alone find the time to meet up with those far away.  Since we can’t physically get together, I thought we could at least pretend for today!

So grab a warm cup of something nice- coffee, tea, {I won’t judge if you add a little something special in there!} and let’s chit chat!

I’ll share some things about myself here {nutritionally & otherwise} and you can feel free to play along!

Let’s start with something food-related–


my anytime go-to dinner:

lemon chicken!  For those needing something fast, tasty, and versatile, this is it! It was on the menu last night when we needed an always- delicious, quick, and no-recipe-needed dinner. It’s my family’s go-to and I’m so grateful the hubster loves it too!


currently working on:

improving meal planning, efficiently grocery shopping, and reducing food waste. Some weeks are better than others, but so far we are doing pretty good. I’ll be sharing a weekly meal plan soon! It’s designed for those just-returned-from-vacation-type-of weeks.



currently loving:

the recent {extra} help my husband has been contributing to housework, dinner prep, grocery shopping, and camp {aka daycare} drop off + pick up!


dreaming of:

our future dream home and all the #fixerupper decor I’d love to include! It’s over taking my mind, my pinterest boards, and my Tuesday nights! I’m not much of a tv watcher, but this is a new fave for me. I’ve missed the last couple episodes so #thankgoodness for social media to keep me in the loop with the fabulous photos!




that LEM is successfully sleeping in her own bed through the whole night {minus a few crying spells and minus Monday night with a new tooth coming in battle that resorted us to old ways for one night}! This is a big deal for a year of pretty crummy sleep. I truthfully don’t know how I managed the year. Can you say, “welcome to motherhood?” I guess I passed the initiation…





favorite food splurge:

Pizza. duh.

No wait… Mexican!

No! Beignets!

Ah, I can’t pick. Too many favorites I guess. It seems LEM likes a little beignet herself!


finally getting the time and motivation to:

update and putt more effort into my beauty regime. Between getting older, pregnancy/lactation hormones, lack of sleep, and stress, I’m starting to feel less like a 24 year old and more like my 30-year old self. Sigh. I’m working on accepting this, but I’vee been told I’m not too good with change.

I’m thinking of a new, quick, working-mommy make-up routine, new hairdo-s, and anti-aging regime. The whole works. Any recommendations?


least favorite household chore:

all of it!? But yet, I can’t live without a clean house! Hence, why my earlier comment about the husband helping out is all that more important!



hardest part about being a mom:



best part about my job:

those clients that just make your day!



family date night:

take out {see earlier confession of favorite food of Mexican or pizza} or a Friday night trip to Whole Foods! Pretty simple. low key. maybe adding a glass of wine or margarita in there, too!


Speaking of, is it Friday, yet? I’m ready for that Friday night family date night!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my life as a NOLA-RD-mommy!  Feel free to join in the conversation! I’d love to hear your stresses, struggles, favorite parts of the week | day, you name it!







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